AMI with Gold Star Jaguar

Dive into lush soul-pop landscapes with fierce Calgary vocalist AMI.

About AMI:
AMI’s debut singles “Good Good” and “Growing Up” are eagerly anticipated, and being released November 8th, 2019, with a western Canada tour to follow.

What happens when a powerhouse vocalist assembles a band of soulful music makers? People canʼt help but stop what they are doing to dance, sing, and sway along. This is AMI.

Born in the middle of the prairies, Ami Cheonʼs musical journey began at an early age, teaching herself to sing and play piano by ear, and singing more than she spoke. From church choirs to high school jazz ensembles, she filled her time with as much music as she could get her hands on. After spending some time in New York, and living in Toronto, she realized her obsession with her craft and turned her attention to songwriting. The writing evolved over the years, and now lives in a place of melodically-driven, lush, vocal soundscapes you can lose yourself in.

Over the past four years, Ami Cheon has blossomed beautifully into her true self: unapologetic, fierce, and dynamic. Redubbed as ‘AMI’ this past year, she is as unstoppable as ever. As AMI, Ami Cheon is contagiously vivacious. Unabashed and piquant, her genre-bending r&b/pop is expertly executed. Her songwriting and stage presence are both effortless and bold — perfectly embodying everything that she is.

“With her unique voice, drive and tenacity…I must admit that I have become a lifetime fan. Her dynamic personality paired with her stellar voice is an undeniable formula for success.” – Nandy Mason, BET/Viacom Talent Executive

Event Details:

Date: November 23, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm

Price: $10 at the door

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