Amplify Heart: A Major Minor Music Series Fundraiser

Great live tunes for a great cause ❤️️ Raise some $$$ for our pals at Major Minor with Emily Ripley, The Corey Hotline, Tara Warburton Music, Frank Mona, MollyFi, students from Mayland Heights Elementary, and more.

About Major Minor Music Project:
Major Minor Music Project is an all ages, volunteer run arts and event production non profit. It’s vision is to create an inclusive space where anyone, regardless of age, connectedness, or professionalism can practice, perform, and create music. Major Minor is targeted for youth and new Canadians, to enable them to actively participate in the Calgary music scene.

Its goal is to obtain a physical space where anyone can create, record, practice and perform music. We believe Calgary should have an independent non profit all ages venue. We hope to build and grow into this. It is also important that we have a strong social component creating opportunities for those underserved and overlooked to gain skills, experience, and employment. In the future we would like to incorporate visual arts and dance.

Sound production equipment for the King Eddy is provided by PK Sound and Yamaha.

Event Details:

Date: September 26, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm

Price: Pay what you can

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Hours of Operation

Monday  Closed
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Wednesday  Closed
Thursday  4PM – Close
Friday   11AM – Close
Saturday   11AM – Close
Sunday  11AM – 7PM

*These hours are subject to changes depending on programming.