Big Winter Classic 2019 Friday at the King Eddy

It’s that time of the year! The King Eddy legendary stage is stacked with a full-bodied lineup of local AND touring talent kickin’ off the weekend in full BIG fashion.
So get excited! Catch Bernice ,Living Hour, Ig Bo Lyn, Mark Andrew Spencer, and Mason Jenkins (The Corey Hotlinein true BIG fashion.
Tickets – three ways to attend!
  • Single show pass: $15, available at the door.
About BIG Winter Classic:
BIG Winter Classic was born out of an idea to celebrate Calgary year-round, not just in the fleeting summer months. Arts, music local beer and YOU collide at BIG Winter Classic for a four-day winter wonderland weekend.
About Bernice:
Bernice, the project of Toronto-based vocalist/songwriter Robin Dann, blends “melodies reminiscent of artists like Sade with the playful sounds of artists like Deerhoof and Dirty Projectors” (Pigeons & Planes). Dann is a trained vocalist with a Masters in Music from Goldsmiths, University of London, and her band – Thom Gill (keyboards/samples), Felicity Williams (vocals), Phil Melanson (percussion), and Dan Fortin (bass) – features active members of Bahamas, Owen Pallett, Leif Vollebekk, and DIANA. (First Date Touring)
About Living Hour:
Living Hour creates a weightless atmosphere with a musically imaginative energy. The band’s new material is a beautiful and mellow amalgamation of guitar-centered dream pop and powerful, emotive lead vocals.
Sam Sarty’s vocals are at the forefront as she explores vulnerable material and looks inward, grappling with themes of self determination, independence, and isolation. Sarty’s captivating performance combines confidence and vulnerability. With three voices, guitar, trombone, brushed percussion, and boundless effects, Living Hour’s live show maintains the dreamy, emotional power of the band’s recordings resulting in a mesmerizing, unforgettable, cathartic, and deeply moving live music experience. Living Hour’s music commands attention, washing over the listener with lush sounds and healing energy.
About Ig Bo Lyn:
Ig Bo Lyn writes intimate, spectral music that evokes some lost, skewed take on the folk-rock genre. Lyrically, singer Clinton St. John picks over miserablist themes of longing and loss, to build stories that are simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring, tough and fragile–placing the listener in their own worn, ragged, but comfortable shoes.
About Mark Andrew Spencer:
Mark Andrew Spencer’s singer/songwriter project is influenced by the creatives and greats of folk, alternative, rock n’ roll, and blues music. He performs his guitar and voice driven project solo or backed by his band. When he performs originals and the occasional cover, he confidently spans a diverse musical landscape from the subtlety of soft finger-picking, and gentle singing to driving power chords with pounding drums and gritty vocals. Spencer’s lyrics and vocals are the central focus of the music, drawing in the listener to fully experience the melodic and carefully formed craft.
About Mason Jenkins:
Mason Jenkins is an advocate and spokesperson for bringing back the “Calgary Wave” and tries to embody the attitude of a very good dog. Jenkins is a transgender man, which makes him an excellent inclusivity bingo dab to any event. Mason’s songs are velvet paintings. They are elegantly grafted and from a forgotten era and delightfully campy. His songwriting is built upon on a darkness that makes the listener ask out loud “…hey, is this guy ok?” He most definitely is, but it’s best to come find out for yourself.
Event Details:

Date: January 25, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm

Price: $60

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