Block Heater 2020: Friday Afternoon

It’s big. It’s back. It’s Calgary Folk Music Festival’s Block Heater 2020!


3:00 pm – Wyatt C. Louis

4:10 pm – Amelie Patterson

About Wyatt C. Louis (via Block Heater)
A fairly recent Calgary transplant, Louis has made an impact here with songs built from soaring melodies, railroad-like finger picking and quiet, haunting vocals and lyrical phrasing. Louis’s dark, rustic tales meld folk and soulful blues to tell tales of love, loss and the journey home. They’re beautiful, subtle creations that juxtapose emotions, striking imagery and experiences that charm and envelop listeners. With the sweet and intimate EP On a Journey for the Long Run under his belt, Louis is gearing up to record and release his first full-length album.

About Amelie Patterson
Banff’s inaugural poet-laureate blends artful indie-folk with ethereal soundscapes, creating a lush sonic pillow to catch her lilting, delicate melodies. Not content with merely working for herself, Patterson has built on her reputation, first in the Bow Valley and in recent years in the big city, by bringing musical artists of multiple disciplines together, creating a community-based piece of work she calls the Playlist, a series of diverse rolling singles, coherently organized into a body of work centred on a thematic through-line. Patterson plays with genre and mood throughout, experimenting in writing and pushing herself and her collaborators to darken the corners of her moody alt-folk sound-space.

Find more information about the timing and lineup here.

Event Details:

Date: February 21, 2020

Time: 3:00 pm

Price: $47

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