Bowcott and the New World

Melodic alt-rock 3-piece Bowcott & The New World hit the stage at the King Eddy. 
“It’s a massive, old-school, melodic rock record that sounds as if it lifted itself out of the leather-clad, ’70s world of rock and lumbered defiantly and unironically into a time when it actually sounds fresh and pretty fucking cool.” – Mike Bell ( )
Bowcott & The New World is a 3 piece alt-rock band formed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2018. The band is Jay Bowcott (Vocals and Guitar), Darryl Swart (Drums) and Brent Rossal (Bass).
They are unapologetic guitar rock, drawing influences from bands like Thin Lizzy, The Rolling Stones and The Black Crowes. Bowcott and the New World are a band that gets your heart racing and fists pumping.
Their debut EP, “EXTENDED PLAY No 1″ was released on 10 May 2019.
It was recorded in 3 different studios. Drums were done in an old converted Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, guitars at OCL Studios in Calgary, and vocals and overdubs at Parkhill Studio.
2019 will see the band releasing their first single to national, Canadian radio and working on an international tour for the late Fall.
Sound production equipment for the King Eddy is provided by PK Sound and Yamaha.
Event Details:

Date: September 12, 2019

Time: 9:00 pm

Price: $10 at the door

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