Citysleep with Sievi and Ashley Velvet

Expect evolving, electronic beats with acoustic charm, courtesy of Citysleep, Ashley Velvet and Sievi.

About Citysleep:
Citysleep is an open electronic collaboration project between synth-pop artist Dexter Mabanta and singer/songwriter Jerrick Dela Rosa
About Sievi:
Effortlessly blending electronic and acoustic elements, Sievi is a Calgary, Alberta based electronic artist relentlessly seeking the undiscovered. Playing out like a cinematic dream, moments of energy and cavernous synths, to moments clear and still as water. Organic samples are meticulously recorded from all over Canada’s captivating environments, are then repurposed into percussive and melodic electronic music, both conceptual and heartfelt
About Ashley Velvet:
Ashley Velvet, originally from Calgary, formed in Toronto in 2015 as a sexy eclectic alternative to Toronto’s current representation of predictable sonic identity. By incorporating elements of traditional world music as well as pop sensibilities, Ashley Velvet challenges the current pop-narrative, continuously striving to find inspiration through global sounds and using these influences to help create unique productions that deliver a relatable feeling through neoteric sound. Encouraged by their growing fan base and the positive endorsements of their unique sound, Ashley Velvet released ‘Bed of Roses’, their independent demo tape in 2018, and was recently a selected artist for the Redbull Music Bass Camp in 2019.
Event Details:

Date: April 13, 2019

Time: 9:00 pm

Price: $10 at the door

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