Crown Jewels Comedy Night: Darryl Purvis and Daryl Makk

Crown Jewels Comedy is here to bring you Canada’s finest and funniest comedians every Sunday night at the King Eddy!

March 3 will feature Darryl Purvis headlining, Daryl Makk hosting, and a hilarious cast of guests. Bring your empty barrels because we’ll be filling them with laughs, guaranteed!

Tickets are $10 in advance or at the door.

About Darryl Purvis

“A seasoned headliner who tours the country and is one of the most underrated standups in the industry” – Toronto Star

With some of the sharpest sarcasm and satire around, it’s no wonder that Darryl is considered one of the first-rate joke writers on the Canadian comedy scene. Originally from Nova Scotia, he has performed at clubs across North America and the UK, as well as numerous national television and radio appearances such as his own comedy special for CTV/The Comedy Network and the Halifax Comedy Festival.

About Daryl Makk

Daryl Makk has been re-educating the sheeple of the world…one joke at a time since 1993! Since then his comedy has taken him across Canada multiples times, the USA, the U.K., Costa Rica and Australia.

Described by CBC radio as “A friendly good ‘ol boy, with knowledge and he’s not afraid to use it” he is a hit wherever he goes.

An expert storyteller Makk weaves us through life experiences woven together with jokes bringing us full circle by the end and wanting more. Whether it’s how Shakespeare ruined his dating world, surviving a hit and run or mocking a society’s irregularities, he’ll make a connection with everyone in the room.

His ability to read the crowd and choose jokes that fits their mood ensures you’ll never get the same order of material. He’ll take you to the edge of topics leaving you unsure of the outcome until you are howling at the punch-line.

Often booked for corporate shows has enabled him to select material that fits the crowd before him.

Event Details:

Date: March 03, 2024

Time: 7:00 pm

Price: $10

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