Crown Jewels Comedy Night: Sammy Ray Benty & Scott Porteous

Crown Jewels Comedy is here to bring you Canada’s finest and funniest comedians every Sunday night at the King Eddy!

November 26 will feature Sammy Ray Benty headlining, Scott Porteous hosting, and a hilarious cast of special guest performers. Bring your empty barrels because we’ll be filling them with laughs, guaranteed!

Tickets are available in advance or at the door.

About Sammy Ray Benty

Comedy. Music. A topless, out-of-shape man covering his body in chapstick. These are the things you could experience when Sam Benty is performing.

Constantly reinventing himself and pushing the artistic integrity of stand up in real time, Sam Benty is an irreverent blend of Adam Sandler, Andy Kauffman and Fred Penner. He is guaranteed to make your adult mind laugh and your inner child sing. And if you leave slightly confused with what you saw; that’s okay too. Not everything in life has answers and you just gotta get used to that.

About Scott Porteous

Scott is one of Canada’s youngest comedy veterans. He’s not even 40 and has already been performing stand-up comedy for nearly 20 years. Some of Scott’s accolades include performing at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and most recently had his alter-ego featured on Canada’s Got Talent. Scott’s style of comedy is quick, and quirky, with a hybrid of intelligent and just plain dumb jokes. Scott is very awkward but in a charming way… he thinks. Scott’s alter-ego, Herbert Henries, is the one-and-only “Comedy Dangerist” in the world! Most likely because he also invented “Comedy Dangerism”. To put it simply, Herbert performs “Acts of Danger” while telling jokes. Herbert has been in and around comedy for less than a year and has already left his mark on Canadian Comedy. Herbert recently performed in front of the judges at Canada’s Got Talent and was told by Howie Mandel that he is “Winnipeg’s greatest comedy export”. Whether it be by his unique “dangerist-stunts”, his jokes or his awkward yet endearing personality, Herbert Henries is the definition of the phrase “one of a kind.”

Event Details:

Date: November 26, 2023

Time: 7:30 pm

Price: $10

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