Eddy Fest: Astral Swans with Mauno and 36?

It’s been a long time coming, Calgary! We’re pleased to present a four-day music showcase to celebrate our official grand reopening. Eddy Fest will feature an eclectic mix of performances that represent the new Eddy mandate: all music for all people.

An extra long weekend means an extra evening for live music at the King Eddy! To celebrate, we’ve got a psychedelic indie folk-pop lineup planned for our legendary stage.

About Astral Swans
Matthew Swann, performing under the name Astral Swans, is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Calgary, Alberta, signed to Dan Mangan’s Madic Records, an imprint of Arts & Crafts Productions. His music style has been described as “introspective late 60s folk à la Nick Drake filtered through an avant-garde 90s lens.”

After forming in 2012, Astral Swans was previously signed to Madic Records for the 2015 debut release ‘All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson’. Swann is now signed with Saved by Vinyl (Calgary), Moorworks (Japan), and Tiny Room Records (Netherlands).

About Mauno
Canadian quartet Mauno make timeless indie rock with delicate, dreamy vocals, endearing melodies, jangling cymbal rhythms and tight, shimmering guitars. Their music easily goes from light and breezy, to darker and stormier in perfect transitions. They bring to mind the likes of Grizzly BearLocal Natives and Real Estate with their charming, intricate guitar lines. Maono’s debut album ‘Rough Master’ was released this September, and the band describe it as “the kind of music that’s churning in our minds when we’re not focused on grocery lists.” Indeed, their music is far from the mundane everyday, it’s beautiful, captivating, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them. (Spindle Magazine)

Special thanks to media partners Calgary Herald and It’s Date Night.

Event Details:

Date: October 07, 2018

Time: 9:00 pm

Price: $12

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