Homegrown Country with Quinton Blair

Prairie storyteller Quinton Blair hits the King Eddy stage for a free Friday night Homegrown Country show.

About Quinton Blair

Honest as a day spent on a Manitoba tractor, and driven like the drifting Prairie snow, 4-time Manitoba Country Music Association award winner, Quinton Blair is a road running, tale-spinning, songwriter. Silky and smooth like a diesel engine, his beard glistening in the setting sun. It’s rodeo mud in his teeth and horses in his blood.

Born with a natural Prairie sensibility, his farming roots running deep in the Pembina Valley and Parkland regions, Quinton is undeniably authentic. He sticks firmly to writing what he knows, and his songs speak to the rural listener with stories of heartbreak, of family and of farming. As a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, he writes with a strong sense of place and imagery. A student of the great western storyteller Louis L’Amour, Quinton paints with words.

Sharing the stage with countless Canadian and American country acts, Blair has performed his brand of troubadour, storytelling country that carries heavy undertones both of 70’s outlaw country and 90’s dancehall country with fans all over North America.

Wrangling horses is in his blood and has been a part of the Blair family for generations. Blair and his partner Vanessa operate two rural Manitoba properties in Landmark and MacGregor. Here they raise horses, sheep, fainting goats and chickens along with their combined 4 children. His maturity and sense of family are so effortlessly communicated in both story and song.

Despite all of the unknown, and industry shuffling, the Covid-19 lockdowns have provided him a chance to rethink his musical journey and clarify his goals. This has allowed him to marry his passion for horses, the Manitoba wilderness and his heartfelt song writing, all the while building a national team to bring his music to a broader audience.

Sound production equipment for the King Eddy provided by PK Sound.

Event Details:

Date: February 03, 2023

Time: 8:30 pm

Price: No cover


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