IG BO LYN Happy Hour

Whether you’re gearing up to watch the Calgary Flames take on the Canadiens at the ‘Dome, or celebrating the (near) end of a short week, join us for icy brews and live tunes this Thursday at the Eddy! 
About Clinton St. John’s IG BO LYN:
Ig Bo Lyn writes intimate, spectral music that evokes some lost, skewed take on the folk-rock genre. Lyrically, singer Clinton St. John picks over miserablist themes of longing and loss, to build stories that are simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring, tough and fragile, placing the listener in their own worn, ragged, but comfortable shoes.
Formerly of The Cape May and Pale Air Singers, Clinton has recorded with Steve Albini, and toured across Europe and the USA before venturing on to form Ig Bo Lyn. He is supported by Jeff Macleod (The Cape May and Nina Nastasia) and Carl Davison (Hook and Eye).
Event Details:

Date: November 15, 2018

Time: 4:30 pm

Price: No cover.

Monday  Closed
Tuesday  Closed
Wednesday  Closed
Thursday  11 am – 12 am last call
Friday  11 am – 12 am last call
Saturday  11 am – 12 am last call
Sunday  11 am – 6 pm

*Open for Hockey Happy Hour from 4-7 pm for all Calgary Flames home games.