JONNOR, Fawns, and Orbit The Fox

A garage rock triple bill featuring Calgary’s JONNOR, Orbit The Fox, and Lethbirdge’s Fawns.

JONNOR is one JON and one CONNOR. JONNOR is a HARD ROCK duo from Calgary. JONNOR has WILD and DIVERSE sonic arrangements. JONNOR lives to PLAY and plays to LIVE. JONNOR loves ALL and loves YOU TOO

About Fawns Music
fawns is a southern Alberta based garage rock band formed by Mercedes Fawns and Richard Charlton in 2015.

fawns seeks to bring a nostalgic brand of alternative rock to stage, offering their own take on the tones and feelings centered on growing up in southern Alberta in the 90s.

Their recently debuted album,I Grew Up Here, focuses on themes of mental illness, addiction, and the challenges faced by lower-middle class youth in Lethbridge.

Ten per cent of all fawns album sales goes to the Canadian Mental Health Association – Lethbridge Region.

About Orbit The Fox:
Orbit the Fox was created in August 2017 out of necessity, as vocalist and guitarist Liam Rene-Gonzalez had been booked at Dickens Pub and needed a band for the night. Orbit the Fox has an eclectic style which is hard to pin down. They’ve been described as “punkabilly,” “funky-indie-rock,” and everything in-between. The band’s clashing and contrasting musical backgrounds leave nothing off the table, and their style continues to distinguish itself with each new release.

Sound production equipment for the King Eddy is provided by PK Sound and Yamaha.

Event Details:

Date: August 10, 2019

Time: 9:00 pm

Price: $8 at the door

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