Natural Twenty Single Drop with Yolanda & Comrade and TeeKay

Natural Twenty presents groovy jazz fusion with big band flair, thanks to a 7-piece lineup. Catch ’em at the Eddy with Calgary faves Yolanda Sargeant and Teekay.

About Natural Twenty:

Natural Twenty is a local Calgary 7-piece band with a focus on groovy beats, hooky melodies, virtuous technique, and sultry vocals. Fred, Jay, and Rob have been playing music for the better part of a decade, playing in different outfits and genres. With what started as a blues rock project, evolved beyond that after meeting Rauth and Keath. Being music majors and teachers, they brought a wealth of knowledge that would only push the group further. Natural Twenty was finally complete in 2016 when Anita and Ambur joined the group, balancing the energy and offering their exquisitely, sultry, and powerful voices. That being said, we’re goofy, nerdy, outgoing, introverted, inclusive but most importantly, fun! Individually, we call ourselves outliers, black sheep, or weird – together we’re a Natural Twenty.

With the finalized lineup, they have since cultivated a sound that will have people dancing and grooving behind lyrical candor that resonates introspection and camaraderie. Their music not only has clear influence from such contemporary acts like BADBADNOTGOOD, Hiatus Kaiyote, The Internet, and generally, the brainfeeder scene but also decades of classic rock, blues, and jazz. The name is maybe obscure, but Natural Twenty is a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) term. D&D is a live role-playing game normally played with as little as a pencil, pen, and dice! One particular dice has twenty sides and is meant to determine a myriad of different things. As you can infer, Natural Twenty is a dice roll landing on twenty, which is the best possible outcome, the luckiest roll, the relief, the confidence – Natural Twenty.

About Yolanda Sargeant

You never know quite what’s around the next corner or the next chord change when you take a sonic trip with Sargeant & Comrade. Yolanda Sargeant’s rich, smoky vocals – playful or melancholy, joyful or pensive – come in over top of a fresh and unexpected mixture of elements in each song. Sometimes it’s ‘40s swing piano riffs tinkling over a languid hip hop beat. Sometimes it’s haunting flamenco guitar mixed with reggae styles blended with soulful trip hop. Always, it’s distinctive and fascinating. Always, you can bet on it to draw you in.
This Calgary duo have been creating their unique music melange for more than six years, and it shows in the polish of their delivery and the confidence of their risk-taking. Sargeant’s vocal style infuses inspirations like Billie Holiday, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu into a style entirely her own. It comes together with the sonic architecture of rapper-producer Evgeniy Bykovets – formerly known as Whatevski, now the “Comrade”— to form a sound that is exciting and challenging, featuring unexpected and captivating juxtapositions of elements and genres. Comrade has described it as: “The purest definition of ‘Canadian’ music there is – a bunch of cultures coming together creating something brand new.” (Calgary Folk Fest)
Sound production equipment for the King Eddy provided by PK Sound and Yamaha.
Event Details:

Date: May 11, 2019

Time: 9:00 pm

Price: $10 advance tickets, $12 at the door

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