Pal Joey, Quiet Bats, TUGS and Micah Erenberg

Grunge-rock goodness with singer-songwriter sensibilities is coming to the King Eddy, courtesy of Pal Joey, Quiet Bats, TUGS, and Micah Erenberg.


About Pal Joey: 
Started as grunge began overwhelming the nation, and ended just as the wheels began falling off the music biz, Edmonton’s Pal Joey rode through the ‘90s with a love of The Replacements and Elvis Costello. Almost 2 decades later they’re back with a new album and a perspective one can only gain from adulthood. If some smart aleck reviewer deems it “Dad-rock” you’ll know that it’s honestly earned. New EP produced by Lorrie Matheson out in 2019.
About TUGS:
Formed at 11 am on Sunday May 17th, TUGS convened at Arch Audio in Calgary at 12 pm the same day. This ep was written, recorded, mixed and mastered between 12:30 pm and 10:25 pm. Why? Because they love rock and roll, their city, and most of all, Sled Island. Featuring Liz Stevens (Copperhead), Nicola Lefevre (Sequicons) Lee Shedden (Neutral States) Brendan Tincher (The Pygmies) and Lorrie Matheson (Night Committee/Sons of Bears)
About Micah Erenberg:
Behind the music of Micah Erenberg there is a formula that is as easy as it is effective: Simplicity and honesty still make the best pop songs. Erenberg’s melodies are wonderful, his arrangements unmistakable. But most of all, the songs’ lyrics of the singer-songwriter from Manitoba, Canada are very special: they are poetic, heart-rending, full of sensitive details and not infrequently marked by a clever joke.
Event Details:

Date: April 12, 2019

Time: 9:00 pm

Price: $10 advanced tickets, $13 at the door

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