Slow Leaves Album Release with Special Guest Heather May

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Winnipeg singer-songwriter Slow Leaves brings a collection of folk songs from his new record Meantime to the King Eddy for an album release show featuring special guest Heather May on Friday, October 13.

About Slow Leaves

Slow Leaves’ latest album, Meantime, is about waiting for something momentous to occur in life, and how all the mundane stuff that happens during the wait actually constitutes what is meaningful. If you blink, you miss it; if you think too much, you miss it. If you’re lucky, in the meantime, there’s love and there’s death and not much less. Grant Davidson, the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-based artist behind Slow Leaves says: “I see this album as a love letter, a collection of messes that fit neatly within a regular life if there is such a thing. In that sense, I guess these songs serve as a reminder for myself, since I’m forgetful, that all moments are equal in that they pass through us once only in long stretches of boredom or by bursts of love and death. In the meantime, I only hope not to let any more go by unnoticed.”

An elegant earthiness courses through Meantime which features a collection of folk songs adorned with paisley 1960s and 70s touches. While there is a retro sensibility to music, it is offset by an immediacy to the lyrics, setting him firmly in modern times. The lead single, “American Band,” is a quaint and sweet toe-tapping track with a Tom Petty flair for roots-rock impressionism. Its taut, indie-rock groove lends the song a contemporary feel, but its chorus’s lush layers of airy vocals recalls prime 1960s folk-rock. The song speaks to the glittered mythology about being in a band on the road, and here Davidson’s words are scene-setting and heartfelt. He sings: I wanna see the ocean/Tell my baby I’m coming back home instead/I don’t feel good/I want my own sweet, own sweet, bed/I don’t feel so good no more/Roll the window down and turn it around. “At some point on every tour, I feel the weight of an existential pressure to justify why I’m not somewhere else doing something more reasonable,” Davidson says. “I know reality is always grittier than the dream, but like most things worth doing, the allure is in moments that break you just enough to feel saved.”

About Heather May

Heather May’s compositions find their footing in unconventional guitar tunings and intricately crafted lyrics. A search for truth and authenticity ripples through her work. Whether this search finds itself basking in the intensity of love and beauty, fearful in the face of mortality, or yearning for belonging, her songs consistently offer a lyrical boldness that demands thought and reflection from every listener. Her discography includes an EP called While I’ve Been Away, a full length record called For Mark, and her most recent album Folk Revival. Heather’s music has been featured on many radio stations including CBC, CJSW, CKUA, and CHLY. In September of 2022, Folk Revival reached number seven on the Earshot National Folk, Roots and Blues charts.

Sound production equipment for the King Eddy is provided by PK Sound.

Event Details:

Date: October 13, 2023

Time: 8:30 pm

Price: $15

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