The Blue Mules

Blues-rock band The Blue Mules hit the legendary King Eddy stage on April 4.

About The Blue Mules:

The Blue Mules are a well established Blues, Blues Rock band with a touch of funk. The band was established in 2012 and currently has 3 albums with a 4th to be ready in 2024. Normally playing as a trio, the band can now be seen or booked as a duo all the way up to 6 piece act.

The Blue Mules have been focusing on touring Western Canada.

“Like fast moving freight train barreling down the tracks, with its smokestack spewing fire encrusted cinders, churning with sparking steel wheels and howling like an unholy whistle, hold the hell on it’s gonna be a bare knuckle ride. The Blue Mules deliver a distinct style with varied flavors to each song from raw blues to countrified rock, tying it all together like the steam engine stoker shoveling coal into the furnace keeping it full steam ahead. The Blue Mules personify Solid Blues with a Powerful Kick…” – Cleve Baker, Confessing the Blues Radio

Sound production equipment for the King Eddy provided by PK Sound.

Event Details:

Date: April 04, 2024

Time: 7:30 pm

Price: $10 cover


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