Xuan Rong with Hundred Million Thousand and Selci

New York-based electronic artist Xuan Rong presents dark, glimmering experimental electronic music alongside hundredmillionthousand and Selci.

About Xuan Rong

Xuan Rong is an experimental electronic artist based in New York.

About hundredmillionthousand (HMT)

hundredmillionthousand (HMT) is the moniker of genre-defying electronic artist, Noel Jon. HMT is of Persian-Filipino descent and based from Edmonton, Canada. His music spans film composition, sound installation, contemporary dance score, while delving into a variety of styles of electronic composition. HMT’s philosophy as an artist revolves around experimental futurism and abstraction in both music and visuals. HMT’s musical palette is latitudinous in nature, but also retains a sense of stylistic unity. At moments his sound is cinematically dark and menacing with a tinge of ethereality and suspense, conjuring emotionally intense feelings. At other times, HMT is playful, drawing on his background in percussion to explore abstract beat-driven passages with intricate transitions and hypnotizing melodies.

About Selci

Selci is the diversely talented Canadian electro-pop musician. Born in rugged Winnipeg and currently incubating in the Calgary electronic music scene, Selci has honed her passion for music, production, dance and writing. Her grasp on blending pop and alternative culture is astute and innovative. She curates her pastel and surrealist infused music videos that pair impossibly well with her sound. Selci’s performances utilize live electronics in a deeply immersive fashion, by live sampling, looping and playing the beat pad and keys. She has a hauntingly powerful voice that completely transports listeners into her tapestry of sound.
Seating Disclaimer:
To accommodate as many live music fans as possible, we offer both seats and standing room at our shows. Seats are first come, first serve. We recommend arriving early if you’d like to be seated during the performance. 
Event Details:

Date: March 23, 2019

Time: 10:00 pm

Price: $8 advanced tickets, $10 at the door

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